N. B. Heavy Industries Sdn. Bhd


N. B. Heavy Industries Sdn. Bhd. (‘NBH’ for short) was set-up in 2010 as the group decided to expand into new commercial vehicle production area. It has been granted with manufacturing license for new commercial vehicles, buses, vans and special purpose vehicles.

NBH has installed US made semiauto assembling line which has cabin & chassis production capacity of 6000 units per annum. This system consists of twelve assembly positions with a total length of 181 metres. It has multiple assembling functions, including cars, light trucks, heavy trucks and machineries either in singular or combination production.

NBH has a professional team and a group of experienced body building contractors to cater daily, long-haul, construction, mining, industries, agriculture, timber and special purpose usage; with more than 20 years supporting each of the industries on the best solution. We have also setup an engineering team to R&D and implement our solution which best fit to all of our customers..


NBH has been assigned as JAC Motors CKD import  assembly and distributor. Provide truck for fitment of cargo, box, dumper, refrigerator, carrier, tank and ect.  


NBH has been assigned as BEIBEN CKD import and distributor. This truck supply fitment of cargo, box, box dumper, refrigerator and tank, Besides, it also provide special purpose vehicle such as timber loader, and articulated heavy truck dumper. Beiben high quality heavy duty truck. “To rumbler world: to ride future!’.

Assembly Line System

A manufacturing tool, manufacturing automobiles and trucks. The principle  of an assembly line is that each worker assigned to specific task. This process promote efficiency to the manufacturing and development of product

Factory Layout

Major Process

Component Assembly

Engine Assembly

Final Assembly

Chassis Assembly

Testing Line




   Lot 145, Salim Road, 96000 Sibu, Sarawak





Lot 1225, Block 14, Seduan LD, Tunku Abdul Rahman Road, Sibu, Sarawak